Portrait of Kevin McLeod

Kevin McLeod

Artist & Owner

Owner of Detroit Grand Tattoo Company-2016

Ryan Browne

Tattoo Artist

A calm and careful artist. He’s been a tattooist for the last thirteen years. He enjoys a wide variety of styles. Whether it’s soft black and grey or loud exciting color pieces he’s up for the challenge. He loves explaining his process to his clients and getting their feedback. He’s also a big fan of video games, comics and movies. He loves tattooing imagery related to those subjects but not exclusively those subjects. He also enjoys cover ups and rework tattoos.

Brandon Coston photo

Brandon Coston

Tattoo Artist

Brandon is a westside Detroit native and a lifelong lover of art. From a young age, Brandon showed keen abilities in creative expression. He always stayed connected to art in some form and has received various awards for his work. Upon graduating from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Brandon pursued graphic design full-time in corporate America. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented him with the opportunity to pursue his dream career of tattooing professionally. Brandon enjoys tattooing Blackwork and pop culture characters and notables.

Portrait of Marna Binkowski

Marna Binkowski

Tattoo Artist

Marna’s tattoo career began in 2009. Although, she likes to consider her collection of Sharpie-tattooed barbies from her childhood to be the true beginning of her fascination for the tattoo art! Her preferred and most favorite styles would include fine line and detail work, graphic/illustrative pieces, color, floral work, and anything magical! Marna also likes to take on coverups regularly to continue to challenge her skills. Her goal is not only to make beautiful art, but also make a comfortable environment for everyone to express themselves to the fullest and create an enjoyable experience to remember!

Dani Jayne

Jr. Tattoo Artist

Welcome to the artistic realm of Dani Jayne, a talented tattoo artist whose creative journey is as inspiring as the ink they craft. With an enduring passion for art and a solid foundation in graphic design, Dani seamlessly transitioned into the world of tattooing, where they find boundless joy in transforming personal visions into striking, self-expressive designs.

Grace Daniels

Tattoo Artist

Grace is a versatile artist who loves illustrative full color pieces and dark, detailed black and grey. Being a huge fan of tabletop RPGs and gaming in general, she enjoys incorporating that into her work whenever possible. Grace got her start studying illustration in a more traditional setting, and later applied her design skills to her love of tattooing and couldn’t see herself doing anything else.