Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, thank you so much for considering Detroit Grand Tattoo Company for your tattoo. Here, you will find we are focused on creating fully custom, original work. We strive to meet the specific details one would hope to get in something so important as permanent body art. We choose to tattoo only the pieces that our artist feel is right for them to do. Pieces that our artists specialize in, are inspired by and have a strong vision for the design.

While our artists are incredibly talented, there are some styles we don’t tattoo and we will let you know if we are not the right place for you if we aren’t able to give you the tattoo you want. Please take time to look through our portfolios and see the type of work we each specialize in and get a sense of whether one of our artists may be a match for you. We want you to get the right tattoo that is for you even if it’s not done in our shop.

Here are a few things that we do NOT offer:

  • Copies of other artists’ work – meaning no copies of other tattoos, or renderings of existing artwork (meaning no logos, album covers, designs from Pinterest or “tattoo design” websites, etc.)
  • Finishing or repairing tattoos done by other artists
  • Designs for you to bring to another tattoo artist
  • Tattoo parties or group discounts
  • Any same-day tattoos, no matter how small

Our artists come in when they are scheduled to do a tattoo or consult with clients, or if they are working on a design for an upcoming appointment. We do not have a front desk person so we keep our doors locked in respect for our clients that are being tattooed so we don’t interrupt their session. Because we currently do not hold regular walk-in hours, we strongly suggest scheduling with an artist before coming by.

No, we are strictly a tattoo shop. Google and Yelp group our two industries together, but we do not provide piercings services and never have.

18 years old. No exceptions. We cannot and will not tattoo minors even with parental consent. Adults of any age must present a government-issued ID (like a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport) in order to be tattooed. No exceptions.

No, we do not. We are by appointment only. Please read our ‘How to Book’ page for guidelines.

It all depends! There are many factors that go into determining the price of a tattoo. The size, the location, how long it will take, and the level of detail all play factors in the pricing of your tattoo. Our shop minimum is $100. This means that our artist won’t do anything (even a very small tattoo) for less than that amount. Your artist may tell you that they will charge you by the hour. This is usually for larger projects that are harder to determine what the final price would be, such as full sleeves, back pieces, and bodysuits. In that event, our hourly rate is $150 an hour.

A consultation is an appointment with your artist to meet in person and discuss the design. You will go over the game plan for your tattoo, and discuss everything from size and placement to how long it will take and ultimately price. When you and your artist feel like you have everything figured out it’s likely that a drawing deposit will be required. The amount will be determined by the artist. This deposit does not go toward the price of the tattoo and if you are not happy with the design and would like to see another one put together, another deposit will be required.

No. By choosing the artists you decided to work with you are making your own determination that based on their style of work that they are the right artist for you. Leaving a deposit is an agreement that the artist will make an attempt to draw the design you have in mind.

Get good rest the night before and the week leading up to your tattoo appointment. Don’t drink alcohol the night before. Eat a good meal with protein before you come in. Bring whatever snacks or drink you’d like for quick breaks if needed. Stay away from energy drinks as they may make it difficult to sit still. If you want to listen to your music, bring earbuds. Whatever makes you comfortable within reason. The most important thing is to come in relaxed, centered, and mentally-ready to be tattooed.

Only you truly know what you want. You owe it to yourself to do the research to find the best artist for you. If the artists at our shop don’t match your needs or the artist you would like to work with isn’t available, don’t hesitate to continue searching online. There is a lot of talent out there in our industry.

Cash is preferable but credit is also acceptable.

Typically you always want to tip people in the service industry and tattoos are no different. Although the tattoo itself may be a bit pricey, the artist that did your tattoo does not keep all of it so it’s important to tip them for something you get to keep for life. How much to tip is on you. Nothing is expected but anything is appreciated.

We do have gift certificates, but they are only available to be given as gifts to established clients. What does that mean? Well, since we don’t accept walk-in appointments and our artists are booked far in advance, we don’t want you to give someone a gift that they may not be able to use with us. Plus, choosing a tattoo artist is a personal decision! If the person you are gifting to hasn’t made an appointment with an artist yet, then we recommend giving them a sweet IOU for them to use at the shop of their choice once they and their artist have agreed to move forward with an appointment. However, if you do know that your person is already booked in with us, a gift certificate can be a great gift. In that case, just send us an email or call the shop about purchasing one.

We do not currently employ front desk staff and while we always try to answer the phone, most of the time we have our gloves on and are with a client (someone that is in some level of pain or discomfort). Also, we do not keep regular business hours so it’s quite possible no one was even there at the time you called. Please feel free to leave us a voicemail.

If you have questions about how to book an appointment, how to contact an artist, or what to expect at your appointment please read our booking info page.

Please read our booking information page carefully. Emailing or calling the shop outside of the guidelines laid out on that page may not result in a reply.