Thank you so much for considering Detroit Grand Tattoo Company for your tattoo. Here, you will find we are focused on creating fully custom, original artwork. We strive to meet the specific details one would hope to get in something so important as permanent body art. Our artists specialize in various genres of tattoo art and because of this, we encourage our artists to choose the projects that best represent their strengths. Please take time to look through our portfolios and see representations of the type of work each specialize in and get a sense of whether one of our artists may be a match for you.  If your request is declined for any reason, we recommend seeking out other local artists that specialize in your concept. We want to see your tattoo dreams come true, even if it’s not done in our shop.

Here are a few things that we do NOT or cannot offer: Copies of other artists’ work without express permission for use – meaning no copies of other tattoos, or renderings of existing artwork (logos, album covers, designs from Pinterest or “tattoo design” websites, etc.). We cannot offer tattoo parties and we do not have a group discount.

We are an appointment-only shop. Appointments can be coordinated with your artist.

Yes! Crimson and Gold is an independently owned business that operates within Detroit Grand Tattoo Company.

No. We are by appointment only.

It all depends! There are many factors that go into determining the price of a tattoo. The size, the location, the length of time it will take and the level of detail all play into the pricing of your tattoo. Our shop minimum is $100. This means that even a very small tattoo starts at $100. We recommend looking for our promotions like the “Friday the 13th” event when we can offer substantial savings for smaller tattoos. For larger projects, such as a full sleeve, back piece or bodysuit, prices may be adjusted to an hourly rate which is typically $120-$150 per hour.

A consultation is an in-person appointment with your artist to discuss the project. You will go over the plan for your tattoo and discuss everything from size and placement to how long it will take and price. If a custom drawing is needed, a drawing deposit will be taken for the original artwork. A drawing deposit is for the time spent creating the custom artwork only. Drawing deposits are taken at the artist’s discretion. An appointment deposit is always required to set an appointment for the tattoo itself and it is non-refundable.

Deposits are non-refundable. When a deposit is received, your appointment is scheduled and other clients are declined for that specific day and time. If you have to cancel your appointment last minute or do not show up for your appointment, the artist is compensated with the deposit much like a doctor or dentist. With enough notice, the artist may agree to apply your deposit to a changed day and time, if available. (Note: if the reason for the change is due to Covid, the deposit will always be honored for a future re-schedule.)

Be sure to get good rest the night before your tattoo appointment. Do not drink alcohol the night prior. Eat a good meal with protein before you come in. Bring whatever snacks or drink you’d like for quick breaks if needed. Stay away from energy drinks as they may make it difficult to sit still. Do not take pain relievers as they may thin your blood. If you want to listen to your music, bring earbuds. Whatever makes you comfortable within reason. The most important thing is to come in relaxed, centered, and mentally ready to be tattooed.

Credit or debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo, Paypal Credit, and Cash.

Tipping is a personal choice. Service industry professionals appreciate tipping very much and it always says a lot about how you feel towards the service and quality of experience you received!

We do sell gift certificates and we highly recommend them for return clients! For new clients, you want to be sure the project has been accepted before you invest in a gift certificate. There’s nothing worse than getting a gift you can’t use! Detroit Grand Tattoo Company merch like t-shirts and bags may be a great alternative for a tattoo fan. Ready to make an order? Email:

After being forced to refuse walk-in business during the ongoing pandemic, we decided to temporarily suspend our reception duties. Artists do their best to answer the phone when they are not tattooing. Because we know we are bound to miss some of your inquiries, we have created a contact form here.

Please read our booking information page carefully. Emailing or calling the shop outside of the guidelines laid out on that page may not result in a reply.